Day 25: Two Keys

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vg challenge | 7 videogames [3/7]  Kingdom Hearts

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Xehanort wants me and Vanitas to fight.. to make some kind of “x-blade.”  But the master said we can’t let that happen.. and he tried to destroy me for it.  I still don’t know exactly what it is, but scares me to death.  Even just the thought of it.

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Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix ( Kingdom Hearts 2 ) 1/?

"We’re not the same."

"We’re not the same."

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Do you think I could be a friend?

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"I want Xion back! I want my life back!"



It’s been 12 years and i’m still not able to summon a keyblade. Wtf is this shit.

Must be in the snap of the wrist or something.

─── You’re not alone anymore.

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